Roswell High School Teacher Selected for the University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator Award

Chilton and Shaw.jpgOctober 29, 2018 – Roswell High School teacher Christi Chilton has recently been selected for the University of Chicago’s Outstanding Educator Award. Chilton is in her 17th year of teaching, 13 of which have been at Roswell High School. She teaches Honors and AP Chemistry, sponsors four student organizations. In the past, she has coached track and cross county.

Members of the incoming freshman class at the University of Chicago are asked to nominate a teacher who has inspired, helped and influenced them.

“We receive letters back from hundreds of students, inspired by teachers who have changed the course of their lives, who taught them to re-imagine texts, to delve deeper into problem-solving, and to think beyond the borders of the classroom in the pursuit of their own education,” said James G. Nondorf, dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Chicago.

Chilton was nominated by Cassie Manrique, a graduate of Roswell High School’s class of 2018. Manrique had Chilton during her sophomore and junior years for honors chemistry and AP Chemistry. Manrique plans to study biochemistry on a pre-medical track at the University of Chicago.

“I nominated Ms. Chilton because of her commitment to her students,” said Manrique. “She inspired me with her constant passion for the material she taught…. Ms. Chilton shares her love of chemistry with her students and inspired me to explore beyond the coursework. She constantly challenges her students with in-class problems meant to reinforce what we just learned, as well as actual AP problems to better prepare students.”

Manrique remembers that Chilton would go the extra mile to help her students before large deadlines or exams, providing extra help after school and even on weekends.

Said Chilton, “I became a teacher to try to make a difference and encourage STEM education…. I know that many students do not come to high school with a love of science and I try to encourage and foster that in them. There is such beauty and application in chemistry and I hope I can make them see that, even if only in a small way.”

Said Principal Robert Shaw, “[Chilton] has mastered the ability create a fun and engaging learning environment while simultaneously holding them to high academic expectations. Ultimately, students want to feel like they are a part of something special. Mrs. Chilton has created that class culture and, while she works her students hard, I am not surprised that they value and appreciate her as much as they do.”

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