Roswell High School Student Ranked Regionally, Nationally for JROTC Riflery

PAKKAM News Clip.jpgDecember 21, 2018 – Roswell High School junior and JROTC Cadet Anusha Pakkam has scored first place in the Southern Region and third nationally in the 2018-19 JROTC Air Rifle Postal Competition. Pakkam will be competing in February representing Roswell High School JROTC and Fulton County Schools in the Army Service Championship in Anniston, AL.

If she qualifies she will continue to the National JROTC Championship 21-23 March 2019 also in Anniston, AL. The JROTC National Air Rifle Championship is sponsored and conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program in cooperation with the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force JROTC Commands.

“You often hear of people being able to accomplish goals because the sheer amount of will and desire they have for the goal. Anusha is an exceptional shooter simply because she wills it, she does not accept any other outcome,” said Lt. Col. Anthony Duplechien, Senior Army Instructor for the Roswell High School JROTC program. “Anusha excels at shooting because of her ability to focus on the slightest changes to the task of aiming at and shooting a target, her abilities are well beyond her peer group and reflect on her unique abilities.”

Pakkam is one of 10 members of the riflery team at Roswell High School, which is a varsity sport. At matches, five athletes engage targets from 10 meters, the scores from the top four athletes from each team are combined to assign a team score. Athletes shoot from three positions: standing, kneeling and prone.

“Shooting is a technical sport that requires the athlete to be calm and possess extraordinary micro-coordination and psychophysical abilities,” said Duplechien. “There are lot of technical factors that affect the ability of the athlete to include quality of the rifle, ammunition, equipment and environmental conditions. To turn the body into a superb shooting platform requires much discipline, the slightest adjustment of breathing, posture, aim or trigger pull can affect the precision of a shot.”

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