Northside Hospital Donates Cots for Roswell High School Clinic

CLINICArtboard 1@3xMay 15, 2019 – Roswell High School was recently granted $2,500 by The Northside Hospital Foundation for the purchase of four cots for the Roswell High School health clinic. Clinic assistants Elizabeth Egan and Ann Goud had named replacing the old, outdated cots as the clinic’s top need for the 2018-19 academic year.

“The new recovery beds help with the health and wellness of our students by providing the students with a comfortable place to rest,” said Clinic Assistant Elizabeth Egan. “Students who are seeking a place to wait for guardian pick up, a place to rest to wait for a headache or stomachache to subside or even a place to just ‘take five’ now have the use of the new recovery beds. They are comfortably padded and even have adjustable head rests to provide maximum comfort.”

The clinic at Roswell High School services between 40-50 students daily, up to 230-250 students weekly and as many as 1,000 students each month. The clinic dispenses daily medications, stores students’ personal emergency medications, assists students with diabetic needs, provides a rest area for students with ailments such as headaches and stomachaches or students in need of basic triage and basic first aid.

Explained Melissa Brown, the Northside Hospital Foundation employee who helped facilitate the grant, “We enhance the wellness of our community. We really want to reach out to the public and the community, and doing it through the schools is a great way.”

Northside Hospital’s mission statement conveys its commitment to education and outreach in the community. Northside Hospital is one of Roswell High School’s Business Partners through Fulton County Schools’ Partners in Education program.

Northside Hospital also supports the Athletic Department, having contributed to the new scoreboard at Ray Manus Stadium, and provides a doctor, athletic trainers and supplies during athletic events, and provides free physicals to student athletes.

“I am so grateful for Northside Hospital and other business partners that support the work we do at Roswell High School,” said Principal Robert Shaw. “This generous donation will certainly help our all of our students by providing a comfortable place to rest when they’re not feeling well.”

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